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TroyesThe enchanting city


Famous for its knitwear and now a city of fashion and shopping, former capital of Champagne and now the world capital of stained glass windows, multi-coloured half-timbered houses and rich industrial heritage, the city of Troyes has constantly reinvented itself throughout its history and showcased its treasures to the great delight of its visitors.

Listed as a Town of Art and History, the city of Troyes sparkles like champagne! And with good reason: the famous cork is dear to its heart!

Troyes of wood, Troyes of iron !

Cobbled alleyways complete with gutters running down the centre, houses leaning against each other till they almost touch or whose top floors have an annoying tendency
to “go over the line”…Troyes is a medieval city offering you a complete change of scenery and packed with intricate detail.
Set off in search of the Ruelle des Chats (Cat Alley), lined with houses touching each other at the top (to save room and avoid land tax) and so narrow that cats could slip over from one house to another

Troyes, city of romance

A city with a soul, a heart beating behind its hard wooden facades. A city with old-world charm and new attractions. A city with the power to amaze you and move you. Troyes is one of those cities and in its heart your pulse will quicken too…

Did you know ?

Troyes is home to the finest medieval town in France.

A thousand ways to discover Troyes…

Would you like to discover the city and the unique heritage ? The tourist office of Troyes will advise and support you in the organization of your stay !


In and around Troyes

Flourishing religious art

“What do they do in Troyes? They ring bells.” This popular Troyes saying is a perfect illustration of a religious art which is particularly prevalent in the city. In fact, there are no less than 10 churches in the city, including a magnificent cathedral and a basilica where visitors can see stained glass windows made by famous master glassmakers from Troyes such as Linard Gonthier.
The Church of Sainte-Madeleine is adorned with lavish stained glass windows depicting Genesis as well as a stone rood-screen, both exceptionally rare and delicately crafted.
The Church of Saint-Pantaléon serves as a museum for the 16th century Troyes statuary, housing around sixty of these religious works under its beautiful wooden vault.

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