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Gateway to Champagne and just 45 minutes from Paris by high speed train (TGV), Reims is a bustling market town with an attractive and lively centre. Largely rebuilt in the 1920s and 1930s after extensive damage during the First World War, the architecture of Reims today bears many fine examples of the art deco style.

Reims, what a history !

There are few cities that have marked the history of France, and of Europe, to such a great extent as Reims. Ancient history, because 33 kings were crowned here in the cathedral, as well as more recent history. It was in Reims that Germany capitulated in 1945, and again in Reims that reconciliation was sealed between the Germans and the French in 1962.

Reims and the World Heritage sites

Founded in 1211, Notre-Dame Cathedral is a gem of French Gothic architecture whose magnificent ‘Smiling Angel’ statue has become the symbol of the town. The cathedral is one of the town’s 3 historical World Heritage sites (UNESCO) along with the ancient Abbey of St Remi (including the St Remi Basilica) and the Palais de Tau, former residence of the Archbishop of Reims, which today houses the cathedral museum.

Did you know ?

33 kings were crowned in Reims !

A thousand ways to discover Reims…

Would you like to discover the city and the unique heritage ? The tourist office of Reims will advise and support you in the organization of your stay !

Art déco, the art of renewal

Having been destroyed more than any other city during the First World War, Reims saw an unprecedented reconstruction effort in the years that followed. In some years, more building permits were granted here than in Paris.

In the 1920s Reims was marked by an energy that is hard to imagine today. There were 352 architect’s offices involved, which equates to one in every 15 architects working in France during this period. Reims became a melting pot for all the architectural currents of the era, including the avant-garde, historical and regional. One particular style made an indelible mark on the city and brought it international renown: Art Deco.

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