Vignoble Hautvillers ©Fred LauresVignoble Hautvillers ©Fred Laures
©Vignoble Hautvillers ©Fred Laures|Fred Laures
HautvillersThe cradle of Champagne


Hautvillers offers an excellent and unlimited view on the sea of vines which engulf the hillside slopes. Still, this is not its only attraction. The memory of Dom Perignon floats over this village,
where picturesque alleys and wrought iron signposts, gourmet spaces and champagne producers delight its visitors.

A picturesque village

Located a few miles to the north of Epernay in the Mountain of Reims Regional Natural Park, nestling in the hills, Hautvillers is a picturesque village with charming narrow streets. A unique aspect of the village is the wrought-iron signs hanging outside the houses, giving visual presentation of the background or occupation of the inhabitant or commerce, useful for visitors who were unable to read at the time. This tradition was revived in Hautvillers in the 1950s, and the signs were produced by a local ironsmith.

Dom Pierre Perignon

The illustrious monk Dom Pérignon entered the Abbey of Hautvillers in 1668 and, over subsequent years, took charge of the cellars and the production of wine. A talented man, passionate about his vines, he did much to improve the production of champagne, such as blending wines from different grape varieties, storage in strong glass bottles and the use of cork instead of wooden bungs. Visitors can see his tomb in the abbey church.

Did you know ?

Hautvillers has no less then 140 iron signs.

A thousand ways to discover Hautvillers…

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In and around Hautvillers

Lanes full of history

The iron signs used to be commercial indications. Back to the Middle Ages, untutored people would then know the activity that was going on in the place.
Nowadays, you’ll notice an average of 140 of them hanging from the walls of most houses. Though some still deal with commercial matters, , many are just impossible to “read” at first sight. The idea, below decoration, is to express a passion, tell a story, give some information about the inhabitants.

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