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"Habits de Lumière" It sparkles in the land of Champagne!

Habits de Lumière in Épernay

Lights warm souls and winter brings people together. Why not take advantage of the ‘Habits de Lumière’ (Garments of Light) festival to offer yourself a getaway to the land of Champagne? It will all happen in Epernay, mid-December, when the Christmas spirit has already invaded our homes and our hearts. A three-day festivity, a world-renowned avenue, the ‘Avenue de Champagne’, and an anniversary: 20 years for the 2019 edition!

A nice idea, wouldn’t you say? A way to discover a region that was inscribed in 2015 on the UNESCO World Heritage list under the title Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne (Champagne Hillsides, Houses and Cellars).

An event for the whole family

The sky is blue and, despite the chilly weather, the excitement of the little ones wrapped in their winter clothes is at its utmost! The ‘Avenue de Champagne’ adorns itself with a thousand sparkling lights to welcome guests of all ages in style. The children are ecstatic at the idea of soon being able to watch the shows in wide-eyed bewilderment, fed by the magic of fairy-like performances where thousands of strands of tinsel resemble shooting stars!

And it works like a charm !

This is it! It has begun, and everybody comments on which decoration is the prettiest or which stilt dancer the most elegant… the street performers, the fanfare music, the luminous murals bringing building facades to life, contemporary art, theater… We find ourselves carried away in a musical swirl, in step with the marching bands accompanying “Champagne lovers” as we enjoy top-class tastings. While the children get introduced to cooking techniques which make their taste buds quiver in delight, we converge to the courtyards of prestigious houses, where the delicate clicking of champagne glasses can just be heard over the musical and festive ambiance…in the land where “art de vivre” takes its shape in the vineyards, the wine cellars and the courtyards of prestigious Champagne houses!

festivities through out the week-end

The Champagne bars have opened their ephemeral doors, allowing us to appreciate the magnificent architecture of the wine-makers’ homes. It is a unique opportunity to taste the best vintages (what luck!) and to nibble on a handful of local cheeses and meats. And some of us might even let ourselves be tempted by the oyster bars! Just a few steps away, at Halles St Thibaut, the master chefs of the region, who are bursting with talent, refine their last preparations for the culinary version of the ‘Habits de Lumière’ festival: the ‘Habits de Saveurs’ (Garments of Flavor).  The following day, they will carry out, before our very eyes, cooking demonstrations… whereupon delicious ideas for festive meals will be concocted!

For the time being, we hurry along; the night has fallen and the big pyrotechnic show announces itself broad in colors. The magic of an extraordinarily starry night will elongate the dream until the early morning. In Epernay, Christmas came early…



This experience includes

  • Animations on ‘Avenue de Champagne’ from Friday to Sunday
  • “Habits de Saveurs” event on Saturday
  • Moving shows, art installations, vidéo-mapping et fireworks on Friday and Saturday night
  • Vintage car parade on Sunday morning

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