"Les Croix de Bois" showing

Cultural, Festival, Show, Cinema, Historic in Reims
  • Major film about World War with Charles Vanel and Antonin Artaud for all generations. The fight scenes are a rare realism. Many aspects of life hairy resulted in the display (lice, mail, refueling, the death that lurks, alcohol to forget or to give courage).

  • In the fervor and excitement of the beginning of the war, Demachy, still a student answers the call-up. He meets Sulphart Bréval, Bouffioux and other formerly worker, baker, cook, now united under the soldier's name. Together they laugh together they will fight, they will lose all hope, drowned in a storm of fire, steel and absurdity.
  • Environment
    • In the town centre
    • Near the train station
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