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haute marne 52 photographies 1850 1880 exposition.
haute marne 52 exposition photographies 1850 1880.
  • Strong of rich iconographic collections, the Departmental Archives of Haute-Marne expose their oldest photographs. Revealed in 1839, by the diffusion of the daguerreotype, photography was very quickly introduced and practiced in Haute-Marne. If the beginning of the 1850s sees the first permanent photographic workshop, that of Victor Petit to settle in Langres, 1880 rings the eve of the great democratization brought about by the appearance of the negative gelatin silver bromide. During this period, they were a number, professional and amateur, to practice the eighth art in Haute-Marne.

    The exhibition will present rare views of the Haute-Marne, even unique, dating from before the appearance of postcards that popularized towns and villages in Haute-Marne at the end of the century but also portraits of great characters of the nineteenth century or still major events such as the industrial exhibitions of Saint-Dizier of 1860 and Chaumont of 1865, the construction of the viaduct of Chaumont in 1855-1856 or the Prussian invasion of 1870. Requiring long exposure times, the photograph of before 1880 obeyed a particular artistic construction, which the exhibition will try to bring out.