La Folle Semaine de l'Humour au K : Just.D'JAL

Show, Comedy at Tinqueux

  • D'Jal is this comedian with a few million views on the internet ... The sketch with the Portuguese is already a classic. And also just like one of his characters, 'Mouyoumed', D'Jal will take you hostage and you'll die laughing... !!
    A Chinese in the desert, a suburban squirrel, a South American saleswoman, a Cro Magnon who gave his first kiss ... D'Jal will make you travel and more: as you climb aboard the famous "houloucouptère"... tie your seat belts, turbulence in sight, avalanche of laughter, destination "Hilarity". A breathtaking expedition! You've been warned!
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  • Adult
    30 €