Flâneries acadiennes: Pastels à l'huile sur toile

Exhibition, Painting at Reims

  • Lover of Oil pastel applied to the acrylic paint, with graphic effects realized by scratching!!! Come discovered Claude Jacquesson.

    The House of the Department of Reims welcomes, from August 25th till October 31st, 2014, the exposure " Acadian Strolls " of the marnaise artist-painter Claude Jacquesson. All in all, about forty paintings inspired by his stays in Quebec, are presented to you, quite soaked with the characteristic atmosphere of the French-speaking provinces of Canada. Claude Jacquesson grew to Muizon where his parents, professors, gave courses of drawing. She dedicates itself to the Art, having been teaching during 20 years. His pictorial research is printed by realism and by precision. She favors the use of the oil pastel to express materials and texture.
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