Elektricity: Brodinski

Dance, Music, Festival, Today's music (rock, pop, rap) in Reims
  • From September 28 to October 04, Elektricity invites, spreads and spreads like the perfume he never ceased to be one of recklessness, daring, fun and the abandonment.

  • Brodinski, the enfant terrible, but never spoiled, the Reims musical family returned permanently to burn the Champagne region with a world premiere electronic act inédit.This world Premiere, driven by an impressive light show will be the point of a fully evening entrusted to King Louis 2014 because it is Brodinski who took care to invite artists line up. This Saturday we are all "hosted by Brodi." Reservations:
  • Spoken languages
    • French
  • Accessibility
    • Mobility impaired