at Chaumont

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  • In Haute-Marne, pastry and confectionery lovers will not be left feeling hungry!

    - Many cities jealously preserve their gourmet specialties, such as "Caisses de Wassy", small almond meringues that Queen Mary Stuart particularly appreciated. It can also be found in Joinville, Montier-en-Der and Saint-Dizier. On the other hand, the "Bragardise", a small dry cake, made many followers. Also note the production of delicious "Marc Champagne corks".

    - In Chaumont, "Ideal Chaumontais" (almond meringue with praline cream) holds the top of the bill.
    Here, pastry chefs, confectioners, and / or chocolate compete imagination to the delight of our taste buds: the "Golden Savignacs" chocolates that combine crisp, finesse and smoothness, the "Kissing Chaumont" ...

    - In Nogent, test the "Scissors of Nogent".

    - In Langres, the "Diderot" and the "Little Langres",
    "The treasure of the taste buds" (truffle chocolate) and "Rochers Lingons" are the chocolate specialties of the walled city where Diderot was born.

    - Finally in Varennes-sur-Amance, discover Ô palace of the fairies whose specialty is the creation based on aromatic and medicinal plants. You will discover herbal biscuits, dried apples, herbal jams and chocolates, honeys, gingerbread, and many other sweet delicacies ...