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Moët & ChandonInescapable place !

Moët & Chandon

Who has never popped the cork on a bottle of Moët & Chandon? For a family gathering at Grandma’s, to celebrate the graduation of your youngest child, for a romantic one-on-one dinner with that special someone…The legendary brand seems to always be there at our celebration table! The best way to unveil its secrets is to go to Epernay, to the Moët & Chandon cellars, whose extraordinary legacy represents a veritable immersion into the heart of a terroir and the savoir faire of enthralling and passionate winemakers.

Inside Moët & Chandon !

As soon as you find yourself inside the prestigious Champagne house, you’ll be told the story of this renowned bubbly. Napoleon himself loved to stroll through the domain, to a point that he awarded Jean-Rémy Moët with the French Legion of Honor. The iconic Moët Imperial cuvee takes its name from the Emperor, no doubt! And as legends always find their way into history books, it is said that the tradition of sabering a bottle of champagne comes from Napoleon’s troops, who used to celebrate their victories by beheading the bottles by their neck!

A major House !

Moët & Chandon has always given off an aura of quality and prestige, the fruit of exceptional work both in the vineyard and in the cellar. It is at the heart of this wine domain, the largest in the region of Champagne (1,150 hectares), that the story begins on exceptional terroirs, the five main terroirs on which pinot noir, meunier and chardonnay thrive, expressing all of their best qualities. It is no surprise that this wine is the epitome of champagne, with 50% of its plots classed as Grands Crus and 25% Premiers Crus.

Moët is also at the origin of a riveting family story, a family which, with each generation, has contributed to the improvement of work both in the vineyard and the cellar, as well as the vinification and aging process… How did a prestigious regional wine become the most famous sparkling wine in the world? The answer lies in Moët, in their large array of wine tasting visits!

In the air…

Today, the house is still a pioneer in the elaboration of special cuvees but also in their packaging: the Moët & Chandon mini flute format or bottles embedded with Swarovski crystals have become successful new trends.

Lastly, their latest novelty: Moët Ice Impérial, which was the first champagne ever to be created specifically to be enjoyed over ice, brings us a refreshing and unique experience. What style, an art de vivre!

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