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Champagne de Venoge

In order to discover Epernay and its Champagne, it is imperative to pay a visit to the renowned Avenue de Champagne! It has become a legend, and we were extremely eager to let ourselves wander down it idly on this sunny afternoon, pushing through the gates of its prestigious Houses, veritable temples of the French way of life! Here we stand, curious, keen to immerse ourselves in this UNESCO world heritage site. This is it, we are here! At number 33, facing the magnificent wrought iron gate of the former Hôtel Gallice, restored in 2015 by Maison de Venoge. Everything that happens in Champagne happens here on this long avenue! To be a member of the very exclusive club of the Grandes Maisons, this is the place where you must be!

In the middle of a sanctuary of greenery

Maison de Venoge, founded in 1837 by virtue of the audacity of Henri-Marc De Venoge, who came to the Champagne region from his native Vaud region in Switzerland, is located in the middle of a sanctuary of greenery full of rare species, evoking the complexity of their bottles!  The breathtaking house is the incarnation of traditional architecture of the golden era of Champagne in the 1900s, which was thrust onto the national and international scene with the advent of the train! Its monumental wooden staircase, its Art Deco stained-glass window in the style of the ‘Ecole de Nancy’ and sumptuous reception rooms testify to the aristocratic abundance of the time, full of luxury, architectural freedom, and the work of artists, sculptors, cabinetmakers and master glassmakers…as we discover this site (that only privileged customers get to visit), we are plunged deep into a world of full of royalty and history.

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A place steeped in history

The story of a cordon bleu (blue ribbon), emblem of the De Venoge House, symbolizing the eponymous river that flows into Lake Léman, and the story of the illustrious wine label, a first in Champagne history, imagined by Henri-Marc de Venoge in 1838.  Two examples of the types of tales that are recounted during an intimate tour of the House.  In this place, infused with a certain magical feeling, we let ourselves dream of ‘luxe, calme et volupté” (luxury, peace and pleasure), but as we visit the outbuildings that have been converted into furnished suites, we are thrust back in time.  Using only noble building materials, chosen for their beauty, comfort, and their contemporary tones, a designer’s mind has made the suites extremely inviting: everything makes us want to stay!

Incredible food pairings

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are in a champagne house; the important thing is to taste their cuvees, and the extraordinary wine collection, preciously kept in their cellars, allows us to do so! De Venoge is one of the few Houses to offer such a collection of old vintages to avid wine enthusiasts. Disgorgement on demand, 4-8 weeks prior to reservation and in limited quantity! One may taste the full array of sumptuous cuvees such as “Les Princes”, served in a finely chiseled decanter, comfortably seated in what was formerly the horse stables, newly renovated for a cozy welcome. Enough to provide a full array to please all palates, accompanied by a plate of Parma ham, oysters from Cancale, or the delicious Champagne de Venoge sorbet crafted by the famous artisan ice cream maker, Vincent Dallet, who is located right around the corner.

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  • Stay in the outbuildings of the Hôtel Particulier de Venoge
  • Access to “l’Écurie”, bar and shop
  • Private tour of the de Venoge house

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