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A Romantic Visit at Champagne Tassin

It is at the heart of the family domain, at Loches-sur-Ource, on the terroir of the Côte des Bar region, that the Tassin family has been feeding its passion for Champagne for eight generations. A story that has become part of the local heritage; a beautiful example of how a family has passed down the love of the earth and ancestral know-how, whilst developing a novel idea to celebrate the most beautiful of feelings: love, of course!

A family history !

Since 1793, each generation of the Tassin family has succeeded one after the other, giving it their best at the helm of their human-scale vineyard, in the service of that sparkling treasure, Champagne! From the very founding of the House, every Tassin has contributed either their expertise or enthusiasm to expand and perfect the work in the cellar and in the vineyard. In the early 1980’s, Michel Tassin, moved to Loches and, with his wife Fabienne and his sister Christine, created the brand Tassin. Today, the new generation has made a strong comeback with Thibaut and Anne-Fleur. Since 2015, he has been breathing a more contemporary vision into the life of the family business, more particularly as concerns welcoming guests.  Within the magnificent vaulted cellars he has installed a new area consecrated to tasting. His goal is to help people learn about his family’s ancestral know-how and to highlight the different terroirs, grape varieties and techniques that go into the production of the family Champagne. This is where the “romantic” part of our story comes into play thanks to Anne-Fleur and Fabienne.

All the ingredients are there for a romantic moment

A marriage proposal…well, for us it’s too late, we are already married.  However, for our wedding anniversary, a wonderfully romantic idea is taking shape on the horizon! The setting comes right out of a fairy-tale…walking through these old vaulted cellars lit only by candlelight creates an enchanting and magical atmosphere. At the end of this stroll through the heart of the cellars, an elegant table is set.  An assortment of petits-fours and a chilled bottle of Champagne are deliciously accompanied by a lovely bouquet of freshly cut flowers…life is beautiful at the Tassin’s! There is no denying that both art and substance are present here. There is nothing mundane about declaring your love for someone in this manner, it is the French ‘art de vivre’ at its finest! We will also save the idea for our daughter’s bachelorette party…no doubt it will please her, knowing how much she adores bubbly!

A bubble of love

What is more, we can also request a photographer, an harpist or a violonist, and/or a floral wreath: pure romanticism!

Even if we are only a simple visitor, it is a true pleasure to stroll through the center of the Earth, surrounded by bottles that blossom in their complexity and roundness, and are the fruit of the passionate labor of winegrowers who are full of pride and love for their noble profession that takes them from the vines to the cellars, and from the cellars to the glass!  It is in this way, for over two centuries, that this family has passed down its heritage, its ‘raison de vivre’, and in doing so, has shared the most celebrated and festive wine on the planet: Champagne!  The Tassins live in a bubble, of love!