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Learn about oenology

Learn about oenology

In order to make exceptional Champagne, the region’s winemakers, Champagne houses and Cooperatives have successfully combined ancestral expertise with cutting-edge technology. White or pink Champagne, brut or demi-sec, take advantage of your stay in Champagne region to learn more about Champagne.

How best to taste Champagne ?

  • Serve Champagne at the correct temperature, between 8°C and ideally 14°C.
  • Open the bottle 5-10 minutes before drinking and leave it at room temperature.
  • Before you taste, take the time to smell what the Champagne is giving you. This first key step helps you identify what kind of ground the Champagne comes from, with its marine, oceanic notes. Afterwards, you can start to move the Champagne around in the glass to bring out its depth.

Prepare your stay

Enjoy your stay in Champagne and the hospitality of
the refined accomodations and the gourmet tables.