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Golf de Reimstee off…and pop the cork!

Golf de Reims

Paul Claudel used to say “Eighty is a golfers’ puberty”.  The Golf de Reims, the oldest golf club in France, has indulged in a much-needed facelift for its 90th birthday. Golfers enjoy the golf club’s new amenities that have restored it to its characteristic splendor. The 18-hole course has been rehabilitated and the new practice space is accessible year-round. The seminar room is fully renovated and can now host meetings, dinners and champagne tastings for up to 60 people. A very pleasant space for both business meetings and friendly get-togethers!

An idyllic spot

It must be acknowledged that the Golf de Reims, located just a hop, skip, and a jump from the city center and its famous cathedral, has a long and rich history. Once upon a time, during the 15th century, there was a beautiful and comfortable castle, the Château de Gueux, built not for the poor, as its name might lead one to believe (translator’s note: Gueux in French means ‘ a pauper’), but for the lords, archbishops of Reims and Counts of Champagne.  Following their coronations, the kings of France would stop here to lunch, no doubt Pantagruelian feasts. However, in 1798 the French Revolution got the better of the château and it was demolished.  The remains were then sold as national property to ‘Lord Meunier’, who later became the first magistrate of the city.

The Golf de Reims and Champagne houses

It is not until 1856 that the first name related to champagne appeared on the list of owners. Eugène Roederer… does that sound familiar? However, in his opinion, the castle wasn’t “up to par” so he had a neo-renaissance style house built in the park to satisfy his tastes…which subsequently burnt down in 1918!

Ten years later, a group of friends, all from Champagne houses, decided to commission the British architect Tom Simpson to create a 9-hole golf course!

And so began a beautiful relationship between the Golf de Reims and prestigious Champagne houses. One must also admit that golf, much like champagne’s fine sparkling bubbles and ‘savoir vivre’, was for a long time reserved only for the privileged. The Château, which has since been baptized ‘Chateau des Dames de France’, has become the most aristocratic club-house in the country!

Enjoy to be on the green

After having been fully renovated, it now shelters a wonderful restaurant where golfers and lovers of country settings can come and enjoy a simple, yet refined bistro meal on the terrace in temperate weather, or nestled by the fireplace during chilly spells.

Of course, it is also a place where one can taste the finest champagnes! Every week, the Brasserie du Château des Dames de France organizes a tasting with 17 associated Champagne houses: Ruinard, Deutz, Taittinger, and Veuve Cliquot, to name only a few! The best bottles are made available to golfers and champagne lovers alike, in a truly exceptional setting.