Auberge De Nicey Balade En Vélo @fred LauresAuberge De Nicey Balade En Vélo @fred Laures
©Auberge De Nicey Balade En Vélo @fred Laures|Fred Laures
Auberge de Niceywhen we ventured through the vineyards… by bicycle

Auberge de Nicey : cycling through the vineyards

Lost in the vineyards of Champagne, a bike ride away from Troyes, the Auberge de Nicey, a charming 3-star hotel with gourmet dining, has it all figured out. When one has been established for 30 years in such a magical region and has worked alongside devoted and fascinating winemakers, one learns to understand the value of exchanging expertise and building symbiotic relationships to work together to create enticing services to tourists who are increasingly looking to meet new people, learn about history, and discover a terroir.

A charming stop

PA romantic weekend to suit our particular desires, ‘bons vivants’ that we are, crazy about fresh produce and a certain ‘art de vivre’, but not wanting to venture too far from Paris… Auberge de Nicey has it all!  Charming stop indeed, far from the pompous palaces that, in the end, aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  However, Auberge de Nicey can still play in the big leagues! With its spa, heated indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, as well as a gym, giving us the perfect opportunity to burn off the many naughty pleasures we have copiously indulged in at table, courtesy of chef Christelle!

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Discovering new landscapes… by bicycle

However, our choice to come to Champagne wasn’t arbitrary: we wanted to meet the winemakers of the region, the colorful individuals and artistic souls. The possibilities are endless: from mixing visits and tastings, discovering new landscapes, small towns, craftsmen, cellars, vineyards, and local celebrations, to taking advantage of Peugeot electric bikes provided by the local manufacturer Cycleurope… All that’s left to do is to schedule our festivities!

The bike rides in June are splendid (several routes are proposed depending on the season!) We let our wandering minds be carried away…by bicycle… as we pass blossoming vineyards and glide along the banks of the Seine.

Picnic and Champagne

We are getting a bit hungry as lunch time approaches, so we find a spot amongst the vines to rest and enjoy a picnic before continuing our ride to a domain where a tasting awaits us… Champagne of course! To end our excursion, we set out to discover a beautiful and poetic exhibition in Saron-sur-Aube: “Art et Jardins” (Art and Gardens), an extra-ordinary initiative! On top of all that, this year at Christelle’s table, we are taking advantage of a new idea conceived by the mistress of the house: “Passion de Bulles” (Passion for Bubbles), where for a month, one or two winemakers will be chosen to share two of their cuvées served by the glass! A great address to enjoy a sparkling weekend filled with wine-tourism and slow-tourism, for everyone from 7 to 77 years old!