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A sparkling picnic in the vineyardChampagne de Barfontarc

A sparkling picnic with Champagne de Barfontarc

A picnic… hurray! But a picnic in the heart of the wine-growing region of Champagne… hurray, hurray!

At Baroville, in the beautiful terroir of Côte des Bar, Champagne De Barfontarc has been continually pressing forward for the past 50 years.

A warm welcome !

Created in 1962 by close to fifty winemakers from the Côte des Bar region, the wine-grower’ co-op of Baroville has developed its own champagne brand, “De Barfontarc”. Galvanized by young, motivated, and passionate wine-makers, this brand has been a pioneer in the field of eco-tourism. Above and beyond the traditional cellar visits and tastings, they who so marvelously cultivate a love of welcoming and sharing also invite us on an exceptional picnic, amongst the vines, of course, in a breath-taking landscape that could be the vision of a master painting!

A colorful world

The temptation is great on this beautiful, sunny day, in this region blessed and honored by UNESCO; but how to choose from such a wide range of formulas? Should we go for the garnished picnic basket to be enjoyed while sitting on the grass, nestled on a large tablecloth (bien sûr!), a traditional picnic in short, or opt for the trendier option, on a beautiful table which has been artistically set in the midst of green, luxurious vines…could there be a more romantic setting?  There are several possibilities, either we can decide to take a lovely, casual stroll with friends or family, both young and old creating a joyous troop… in which case, we will eat on the grass (which is much more fun for the children!), or we can choose the ‘luxurious’ option for romantics, no doubt accompanied by a glass of Barfontac Champagne.

What an agenda !

Regardless, there is something for all tastes, for all desires, and for all occasions.  What a nice idea for a Sunday outing, especially since the first part of our day, before enthusiastically devouring the local products selected especially for us, will be to discover the cellars, the presses, the storerooms, the vat-house, and to understand all the subtleties of the making-of Champagne! How can we resist the temptation? It’s original, gourmet, and will take you down the country paths of this beautiful wine region dedicated to perfection and luxury! It is obvious that this co-op has what it takes to measure up to the excellence that is Champagne!