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Explore the vineyards

Explore the vineyards

Succumb to her contours and delve into her landscapes. Embrace her hills, plains and valleys with your gaze. Every inch of her ravishing, she invites you to discover her.

Explore her nature in all its preserved diversity and roam her sunken lanes, picturesque roads and scenic routes. Wherever your discoveries may take you, prepare yourself for some exhilarating adventures!

Explore the vineyards

The refined experiences

The vineyard through the seasons

In November the vines lose the last of their leaves to a wintery breeze, gently preparing to slip into a protective slumber. Storing the sap in their roots, this is how the vines protect themselves from the frost. Enveloped in the morning mist or a delicate white winter’s coat, the dreamlike quality of the landscape whisks the visitor into another world.

The arrival of spring paints the vines in the most beautiful shades of light green. Champagne warms up once again, and the grapes are drenched in sunlight as they begin to ripen. About 100 days after the vines flower harvest time arrives, that great celebration for winemakers. All along the Champagne Tourist Route the peaceful atmosphere gives way to a unique excitement. Thousands of temporary pickers arrive in the vineyards, secateurs in hand, to harvest the year’s fruit. Two weeks in which Champagne lives at a frenetic pace, traditionally ending with a big party called the cochelet. An event that should not be missed!

Prepare your stay

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