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Le Clos des Terres SoudéesElegance and hospitality

Le Clos des Terres Soudées Guest house

There are stories that are told in villages, beautiful stories the protagonists of which are the successive generations of a single family that have held on to the family name and have never abandoned their native land, the nurturing earth…in Champagne, it is often the case. Passing down is an art that is occasionally consecrated over centuries…

In the heart of Reims Mountain !

At the Coulons, in the heart of the mountains of Reims, they have been cultivating this winemakers’ family spirit for five generations (eight, as far as Isabelle’s family goes!). Vrigny, Coulommes-la-Montagne, Pargny-les-Reims, and Villers-Allerand: four villages that are classed ‘Premier Cru of the Montagne de Reims’ which shelter the family’s vines that are nestled amongst some of the most beautiful hills of the region.

But this domain is also the owner’s home; one of those beautiful buildings that clings to the family history, even if the horrors of the First World War led to its reconstruction, and which remains a place embedded with memories.

A haven of peace

Until recently, Isabelle Coulon, the lady of the house, would still receive her clients and importers here. The bedrooms of the house were restored one by one, followed by the living rooms and dining rooms. “We said to ourselves: Why not go all the way? Remake the entire house to host passing guests.” Three years of work were necessary for the Clos des Terres Soudées to become a haven of peace for lovers of beautiful surroundings seeking a luxurious and revitalizing calm. “Of course, we kept vines and wine as our central theme. The decoration for the rooms was naturally inspired by themes and materials that are familiar and cherished. Wood to symbolize the casks, stainless steel for the vats, cork for the stoppers…We wanted to be true to our family passion: Champagne!”

Isabelle Coulon is a hostess full of good taste; the place speaks for itself… ‘Art de vivre’ is celebrated here in its greatest form. Guests are welcomed in a very Champagne-like manner: an old wine press in the courtyard next to one of grandfather’s oak casks, and a glass of Champagne placed in our hands as soon as we arrive definitely plunges us into the Champagne atmosphere!

A complete Champagne overview

Then, Isabelle, depending on the guests’ desires, offers a visit of the neighboring vineyard, when the weather allows, followed by a visit of the cellars with a tasting of two of the Domaine’s iconic cuvees.

On Friday nights, between 6 and 7pm, two tasting workshops take place. The first juxtaposes Champagne and cheese and the second is a vertical tasting of three cuvees from different vintages. In temperate weather, a third workshop is available: visitors are guided to the hillside amongst the vines to taste the champagne directly on the plots where the grapes used to make it grow: a geo-sensory experience.

This immersion at the heart of the vineyard finishes, just before the hosts’ departure, with a “panoramic” breakfast! The dining room’s floor is made of glass so that one can have a view of the old cellar! A fantastic idea that does not fail to inspire comments and compliments to the lady of the house.

Prices from


par night

This experience includes

  • A welcoming glass of Champagne
  • Breakfast included with local products
  • Cellars tour, bike rental, œnological workshops on reservation

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