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A stay at Jardin de la CathédraleExceptional chambre d'hôtes in Troyes

Jardin de la Cathédrale

Never has a name been this well-worn! The house is a garden, a garden of flowers, a garden of charm where topiary art and hedges furtively divert the sublime cloister and set the tone. It is also a garden of colors and styles, a garden filled with history, a garden full of art de vivre!

In downtown Troyes !

In the heart of Troyes, under the auspices of the Cathedral’s bell tower, Lætitia Krumenacher, a landscaper by trade, warmly welcomes us to an incredibly unique and rejuvenating space! The house tells her story but also that of the city, where, in 1524, a quarter of the half-timbered houses typical of the Middle Ages were destroyed in an immense fire. Rebuilt exactly as they were by the lower classes, these houses, once the cheapest in the city because they were made out of wood, today form the richness and charm of the city.

A colorful universe

Today, its happy owners, Lætitia and Valéry, have brought it back to life in an abundance of color and decorative extravagance. The bedrooms of this historical site, snuggled between the oak frame and half-timbered walls, some of them still adorned with the original stained glass windows, are dressed in anise green and blue turquoise or, in a more bourgeois fashion with romantic panoramic windows and baroque wallpaper… Small contemporary and designer details unify the unique decoration, a veritable journey for the imagination.

Here, the word classism has no raison d’être, we enter into a kind of theatre that stages objects, styles, arrays of color, and exceptional furniture in a faultless manner, attesting to the owners’ sense of style and good taste.

A night in the stained glass artist’s workshop…

However, our preference lies in the stained glass artist’s workshop: located in the attic under the oak framework, bursting with modernity. Here, the story of a 19th century artist is told, where he worked and lived; one can still feel the artistic quivering of his pencil on paper.

The homemade breakfast, taken in the garden where we are lulled by the singing of birds, is incomparably gourmet, as the last guests take pleasure in saying, praising Lætitia’s fabulous almond and raspberry cake…we can’t wait until tomorrow to try it.

However, as we also can’t forget that we are in Champagne, we will now have our aperitif on the terrace and enjoy a glass of champagne specifically selected for us from one of the many winemakers, friends of the couple. What a wonderful idea to unite and work together to share all this heritage with others.