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Champagne PannierAn Escape Game for a bubbly treasure!

Escape Game for a bubbly treasure!

The story of Maison Pannier is a long one; a century-old tale that finds its roots in the town of Dizy at the gates of Epernay, under the careful eye of its founder, Louis-Eugène Pannier. A new chapter of this beautiful story was written when production was transferred to Château-Thierry in the heart of the hills of the Marne Valley. In the 70’s, the family champagne house was handed over to the Cooperative Winery of the Marne Valley.  For the new team, wine-tourism quickly became a crucial part of development, and the opening of the cellars to the general public was the starting point for many wonderful adventures.

The archer emblem !

The region also tells many stories, those recounted by the numerous writers and poets who lived there, but also those told by the former quarries.  Ever since the XIIth century, they have never ceased to create mystery and inspire curiosity. It is true that the quarries were dug in order to build the fortified castle of Chateau-Thierry! It is not a surprise that Maison Pannier chose them to house their wine cellars. In those deep tunnels, an archer, engraved by a stonecutter, keeps watch. Symbol of stability, control and agility, it became the Pannier House emblem: “Bending towards perfection”, the motto of archery.

An “Escape Game” at the center of the Earth

So it is also hardly a coincidence that Champagne Pannier chose to offer us an “Escape Game” at the center of the Earth, a nice way to welcome new-comers in an unusual manner. It is, according to the general director Jean-Noel Pfaff, a more enticing proposition for families and business tourists that goes beyond classic tastings and domain visits.

In these magnificent medieval quarries, which are more than two kilometers (1.2 miles) long and 30 meters (98 feet) deep, and which have been transformed into cellars, the search for the Holy Grail begins; a quest for the elixir of eternal life containing fine effervescence, such is the challenge that this escape game from another epoch lays upon us!

We have an hour to resolve the enigma in the chalk-filled walls where unknown shapes seem to glide, like ghosts… let the atmosphere work its spell…

Like adventurers…

The surrounding peacefulness, the sensation of having left the real world takes hold of our bodies.  Let’s just hope that our little ones, aren’t afraid! In fact, according to legend, within these caves lies a hidden treasure that has never been discovered.  It is exhilarating to be transformed into an adventurer of the lost ark! The lighting plays a large role in the mystery; shadows and brightness play in this labyrinth where millions of bottles ripen in fabulous ageing conditions. It is an exceptional educational tool to learn about the creation of champagne whilst being entertained. Will we find the long sought-after treasure? The fearless children count on it. As for us, a fine tasting awaits us at the end, concluding this wonderfully playful and informative moment!