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Château de Condé

The House of Princes …magic and the joy of being together!

Some people say that a fairy watches over Château de Condé and every child who comes to pay her a visit fills her with joy! This is only one of the good reasons why you should bring your little ones here: to please the fairy!

An history book !

Another good reason lies in the site itself. Nourished by a past directly linked to the royalty of France, the story of Château de Condé is, in itself, a veritable history book that recounts a long journey from the original Gallo-Roman farmhouse to the Renaissance castle of Louis de Bourbon, first of the Princes of Condé. This castle and its centuries-old park shelter unsuspected treasures. Natural treasures, cultural treasures, literary treasures (let’s not forget that Jean de La Fontaine is native to the area!) that visitors will discover as they go on a course filled with enigmas and mysteries to solve…

Onward oh !

Children and adults alike are gathered here on this beautiful sunny day for a historical rendezvous that promises to be action-filled! The stones of this magnificent castle, designated as an UNESCO historical site since 1979, reflect the golden light of the dawn. The simple, yet perfect Renaissance architecture, renovated in the 18th century, and the delicacy of its curves, hide its long, tumultuous life that started in the 12th century, when construction began for the first Seigneur de Condé: Jean de Montmirail! An object of desire, the castle endured the violent uncertainties of history; at times expanded, at other times stripped of its outer walls, and was even occupied by the enemy during War War I.  It recounts stories like an open history book, showing us how its owners over the centuries fought to protect the works of art that continue to enthrall us, even today! The Watteau wing and its recently discovered frescos, Richelieu’s bedroom, the private apartments, and the exceptional drawing room decorated by Oudry are its masterpieces. After having being passed into the hands of the Marquis de Sade’s family, it is now a private estate inhabited all year long by a protective and inventive family.

Scavenger hunt in the park of the castle

To discover the castle in a novel manner and to learn its history, people of all ages can indulge in fun and educational treasure hunts around the residence, but also in the century-old park, where the lush greenery hides numerous tiny inhabitants…perhaps even sent by the fairy!

Experience for young and old

Reflection, memory, agility and fellowship are necessary for this tracking game: follow the trail of Little Prince Eugene and solve the enigmas hidden in the Chateau’s park to win a chance to open the treasure chest. Once again, beware!